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 Chase PerfectCard
 6% rebate on gas purchases gas stations for 90 days
 After that, 3% rebate on all gas purchases & 1% on other purchases
 0% Intro APR* on balance transfers
 No annual fee first year
 Thereafter, $19 annual fee waived if 9 purchases made prior year
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 Continental Airlines World MasterCard® from Chase
 Fixed 7.9% APR on purchases & balance transfers for 6 months*
 Double OnePass® Miles at nationwide chains and any bookstore
 Double OnePass miles on purchases of Continental tickets through Continental
 10,000 OnePass miles*
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 Universal Entertainment Mastercard
 Redeem points for Universal DVDs, CDs, theme park, more
 0% APR on balance transfers for up to 9 months*
 No annual fee; free movie ticket w/1st purchase!
 Travel Accident, car rental, & purchase insurance*
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 Marathon® Platinum MasterCard® from Chase
 10% rebate on Marathon purchases for 2 mos; 5% thereafter
 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 9 months*
 No annual fee first year.**
 1% rebate on all purchases where MasterCard is accepted
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 Chase CashBuilder MasterCard®
 0% intro APR on balance transfers
 No Annual Fee - High Approval Rate!
 Up to 2% cash rewards on purchases
 For more info on Chase CashBuilder rewards, click!
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 Chase Platinum
 0% introductory & balance transferAPR for 6 months*
 No Annual Fee
 Chase Travel Rewards(tm) for free flights, hotel, car, cruises, etc.
 $500,000 Worldwide Travel Accident Insurance
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 Chase Ultimate Rewards® Platinum Mastercard®
 Earn one point for every dollar you charge
 0% intro APR on balance transfers for up to 12 mos
 No Annual Fee
 Redeem points for merchandise, travel, gift certificates, and more
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Chase Master Card. Welcome to CREDIT CARDS, including the world's best card services. We've got balance transfer credit cards. We've got frequent flyer and other rewards program credit cards. We've got low interest, low-APR, no annual fee credit cards. You won't find easier applications or lower-interest cards anywhere, so, really, just stop looking!
We've comprehensively searched the Internet's best loan sites for the best Credit Cards and sites for your Chase Master Card query, so you don't have to.

A Short History of Credit Cards

Secured Credit Cards
These cards are designed for people who have poor or no credit but wish to have some of the convenience of a credit card. (Having no credit means that your credit history is too new to be, well, much of a history at all. Youre a blank slate. To creditors, thats too little information). A secured credit card requires that you deposit money into the merchants account in advance to secure the card and the purchases you make, until your credit improves. Theyre great ways to improve bad credit and build up no credit!

Prepaid or Stored Value Cards
These are not, technically, credit cards at all, really. Like an ATM or Debit Card (see below), these require you to put money into an account in advance (hence prepaid). They can be convenient, and faster than checks, though, and theyre a good way to build up credit.

Unsecured Credit Cards
These are what most people think of when they think of credit cards: no security deposit required. They usually require good or excellent credit, although some companies offer unsecured cards, with certain conditions, to help those with poor or no credit establish credit.

ATM or Debit Cards
These are not credit cards because any sales purchase or withdrawal from an ATM machine withdrawn from an account right away hence you are receiving no credit till the end of the month. Amounts are withdrawn directly from a checking, savings, or mutual fund account. Its a check without paper.

Rewards Credit Cards
These cards allow you to earn points toward rewards that you can pre-select. There are cards that earn you frequent flyer miles, hotel rewards, gas discounts, entertainment benefits, shopping rewards, and more. Most dont offer more than one type of reward (and if they do, they charge accordingly), so youll generally want to choose a card with a reward youre likely to want to have and therefore to cash in.

How to Establish Good Credit or Rebuild Bad

If you want to be able to buy on credit, whether a pair of shoes in a store, a new digital camera, or a house or a car, and not pay exorbitant interest rates, you need to establish a credit history, and a good one.

Start with a local merchant like a department store, bank, or credit union that will report your credit history to one of the big three or four credit bureaus (Experian, TRW, etc) their reporting makes the history part of credit history. Why local merchants? Their standards for credit may not be as high as national or larger lenders. If local merchants' standards are still too high, find someone to co-sign a loan or credit card application with you, perhaps to obtain a secured credit card.

Next step: pay attention!

Actively Monitor and Manage Your Credit

Pay your bills on time, of course. But also periodically make sure your credit report is accurate. Most credit reports have mistakes in them, whether due to errors or fraud. The U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act allows you to dispute inaccuracies in your credit report for free.

You can order a copy of your credit report on this site, by clicking on Credit Reports. While there are services that can help you correct any errors in your report, you can also write the credit bureaus yourself and often get the same results. Your credit report will have in it instructions for disputing inaccurate information. Credit bureaus must alter or eliminate inaccurate information. However, accurate information, even if its negative, will usually stay on your credit report for at least seven years (bankruptcies stay there for up to 10).

Student Credit

Caveat emptor buyer beware is close to describing what the attitude of a parent should be, except that a parent isnt the buyer just often the payer. That means a parent must be even more diligent in monitoring students credit card usage than their own. Its not as hard as it used to be for students to get credit cards. Credit card companies understand that loyalty begun in college can extend well beyond, and there is some competition that credit card lenders fight out in order to acquire student customers. The companies also make most of their profits from the interest on unpaid balances, making college students a good source of income.

Here are a few pointers for parents to give to students:

Dont let anyone borrow your card
One card is enough
Pay your bills on time
When applying, dont count tuition and allowances as income
Keep track of all the transactions to know how much your bill will be at the end of the month.
Keep the card active and your credit history alive and good by occasionally making small purchases.
Make a credit card budget, staying within 20% of your monthly income.
Take a few minutes to browse our recommended lenders of Credit Cards, including the best place for your Chase Master Card queries.

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Be sure to come back here if the site we take you isn't exactly right for you. We've got nothing but Discover credit cards, of every stripe, as well as many other types of credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express; and every rewards program you can imagine.


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